Pioneers of the new mobility

The eBRIDGE target groups are pioneers of the new mobility concepts. They will play a main role in the transition to more sustainable cities, leading by the example and showcasing their success. Along the project, fleet operators, public authorities and car users will be engaged with electric mobility and its benefits for urban transport.

eBRIDGE will assist fleet managers of public authorities and private companies to introduce electric vehicles in their fleets and make the most of the know-how, experience and best practice exchange during and after the project.

Car users will have the opportunity of getting closer to electric vehicles and enjoying the driving experience. They will get familiarised with concepts such as battery range, recharging columns, and a noiseless and funny driving.

A more detailed description of the target groups is as follows:

Fleet Operators

As decision-makers, fleet operators of public authorities and private companies are the company assets when it comes to harmonise economical and legislative issues with a satisfactory fleet performance. One solution they can opt for is the introduction of electric mobility in their car policies. This boosts the electric mobility market by increasing the demand of vehicles and recharging infrastructure and empowers the new technology to become a success story.

eBRIDGE will provide fleet operators with practical guidance on how to improve their fleets and introduce electric ones through innovative ideas to test new usage concepts and to establish profitable cooperation.

Car Users

The efficiency and effectiveness of fleets is mainly determined by the usage patterns. The overall development of sustainable mobility behaviour in cities depends on people's travel choices. To inform and motivate car users, either those making private trips or those travelling for business purposes, eBRIDGE will implement local marketing and dissemination activities to promote the wide use of electric vehicles among car users.

The goal is to increase the number of users and the number of electric trips, to familiarise people with the new technology and to make them confident in using it.

National, Regional and Local Authorities

In addition, eBRIDGE focuses on supporting regional and local authorities in European cities to introduce electric vehicles in their mobility plans, to learn from best-practice examples and to assess the impacts of such offers.

Further relevant target groups

Industry sector, urban planners, transport experts, academics and associations with interests in the field of sustainable mobility can benefit from the experiences and results of the project, as well as contribute to a beneficial exchange of know-how.