Outputs and Results

Your benefits

eBRIDGE will generate valuable outputs oriented to meet your needs and based on the:

  • eBRIDGE Start-Up kit with tools (BASE, SHARE, CHANGE) and guidelines oriented to optimise operational performance of e-fleets and encourage behavioural change towards electric mobility.
  • Next generation solutions to facilitate the use of electric car sharing offers, for instance approaches to integrate e-fleets with public transport (Valencia and Milan), One-Way service (Valencia) as well as the development of responsive solutions to environmental and spatial planning policies (Milan).
  • Awareness raising and marketing campaigns targeting car users, fleet operators and further relevant stakeholders to improve attitudes towards electric vehicles and favour behavioural change (all sites). In addition, targeted activities to expand the use of electric fleets among local and regional administrations (Carmarthen).
  • Knowledge generation, knowledge transfer and expanded networks. eBRIDGE will elicit and disseminate comprehensive information to set the baseline on market potentials, barriers and perspectives of urban electric fleets (all sites).  A common key findings report will give respective target groups all relevant information at a glance.
  • Scenarios for up-scaled impacts of electric fleets based on project evaluation activities and a scientific modelling approach.
  • Dissemination materials such as newsletters, project leaflets, social media activities, events will be available for all interested stakeholders.
  • Additionally, project events and the project platform will provide the opportunity to join a sustainable network for knowledge exchange. As a result of these activities, eBRIDGE will provide all interested and potential stakeholders with useful information for practical, scientific and decision-making purposes.