An Interview with Neil Thomas, Carmarthenshire County Council

Neil Thomas

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Neil Thomas works at Carmarthenshire County Council. He explains how was the integration of electric vehicles in the CCC’s car fleet.

What are the main benefits for a local authority from the integration of electric vehicles in their fleet?

Tangible benefits are that a large group of employees have experienced a glimpse of this alternative technology, whilst witnessing and proving within their day-by-day workings that they are practical and can be successfully incorporated as part of a pool car scheme in a semi urban/rural area.

What are the main barriers for local authorities to acquire electric vehicles?

Distance restrictions by current battery technology and the current Charging infrastructure, that has a direct effect on Range Anxiety. Another barrier is the upfront cost to purchase electric vehicles and would the local authority get back on its investment.

What is Carmarthenshire County Council’s most valuable lesson from introducing electric vehicles in your car fleet?

Make sure you have a very well organised and publicised policy of using electric vehicles in place for the prospective users.
Education and Familiarity to potential users are the keys to making sure that negative views on electric vehicles are negated early.
Also having a decent and organised booking facility, parking set up and recharging facilities in place.