Quotation of Marco Menichetti

Monday, 16 March 2015

Marco Menichetti is the Mobility Area Manager of Legambiente

Q: Legambiente has been promoting a "New Mobility" #mobilitanuova. In this perspective, which role can the electric car play?

A: Legambiente has joined and is cooperating with “Rete per la Mobilità Nuova (New Mobility Network)”, an entity that connects people, associations and institutions proposing more investment and attention to trains, public transportation, cycling and pedestrians and asking that the use of the car in our cities will become more occasional and, when feasible, shared (car sharing, taxi sharing, etc.).

The New Mobility Network opts for a principle of lightness and economic efficiency:
- small road works to make more efficient the local traffic and the commuting, instead of “heavy” infrastructures;
- traffic calming and shared roads between the various users, instead of their clear separation through infrastructures;
- short distances and small loads for our purchases, revitalizing the social and economic fabric of our neighbourhoods.

We believe in this change, which must be cultural as well as made possible by the choices of the national and local authorities. We believe that, to get around in towns, we can effectively use multiple transportation means and services; in this view, there is also a role for the electric car, as long as it helps to save parking space.

Moreover, the spread of the electric vehicles  may become an important opportunity to rely on the energy produced by widespread, “zero km”, renewable sources.