Quotation of Carlos Casal

From the left Borja Dapena, Carlos Casal

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A few words from Carlos Casal, Benteler Human Resources Manager.

The electric vehicles are more efficient and less polluting, maintenance is cheap as is price per km. They are perfect to move people in little areas, particularly in the city. Nevertheless, they have several disadvantages: high price, low autonomy, charging time, expensive insurance and few charging points. I suppose that the electric vehicles can quickly improve the autonomy, security and price. The main aim is to be more competitive than combustion engines, small or large.

In the eBRIDGE Project, Benteler have used the Citroën C-Zero for 3 months. We drove about 2,521 km and spent approximately 49 Euros in electric cost (recharge), meant a cost of 0.02 EUR/km. This is a very low price compared to that of conventional-fuelled vehicles.”