Drivers of Change

Cities suffer nowadays from congestion, air and noise pollution as well as the related health problems. For the better part, the car is responsible for many of these. Existing urban transport systems are based on old patterns and life-styles still focused on the use of fossil fuel and cars. However, these are no longer suited to our current challenges and needs.

Increasing fossil fuel prices, inefficient energy use and rising CO2 emissions call for the development of  innovative concepts to address global challenges in a smart way.

To do so, eBRIDGE envisions a zero-carbon transport system where electric vehicles are broadly expanded and play a major role in enhancing quality of life in cities and towns.

With this vision, eBRIDGE intends to contribute to the creation of liveable, vibrant and competitive cities with less pollution, fewer cars and congestion, less noise and more space to enjoy urban life.

Based on the introduction of electric vehicles in fleets, the eBRIDGE project gathers 7 pioneering cities, so-called Drivers of Change, that will be testing innovative solutions to make electric mobility a main part of their urban transport system.

According to their starting points and needs, these cities will apply actions to optimise operational fleet performance, test and launch solutions to increase the convenience and ease of use of car sharing offers, and raise awareness on the suitability of electric mobility for urban transport and commuting.

The 7 fleet schemes are located in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Portugal and aim at becoming real drivers of change in their communities and abroad.