"I dream of…" (short version)

"I dream of…" (long version)

Event in Lisbon with my electric car

On September 21st of 2015 several electric vehicles of different brands were in exhibition to the general public in Lisbon. This initiative was supported by CML and held in the framework of the European Mobility Week.

eBRIDGE Institutional video

The eBRIDGE institutional video shows in few minutes the project's core: seven pilots, the so called "Drivers of Change".
The "Drivers of Change" are: Berlin, Austrian Municipalities, Vigo, Valencia-Palma, Milan, Lisbon, Carmarthenshire. 
Seven cities and municipalities in six countries, that are testing seven different electric mobility's projects.

E-Carsharing: drivers, barriers, experiences

Austrian Municipalities are one of the seven "Drivers of Change" of the eBRIDGE Project, that have been testing the "Caruso Peer2Peer Carsharing" in order to promote new mobility's habits. Discover drivers, barriers and experiences of this pilot. Language: German. A version with English subtitles of this video will be soon available.

Carmarthenshire County Council pilot scheme

Carmarthenshire County Council employees share their experience of using electric cars with researchers from Cardiff University. The Council's car fleet is one of seven that participate in project eBRIDGE.