Summative Evaluation Report: Learning from the eBRIDGE fleets

The report describes and analyses the main technical and behavioural aspects of the eBRIDGE fleets and relevant lessons learnt from the seven involved sites.

European Transferability Factsheet

The factsheet “European Transferability” shows at a glance the main results of the six country analysis carried out in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and United Kingdom. In addition, European ongoing projects and next events in the field of electric mobility are shown to foster cooperation and networking.

Summary of Formative Evaluation

"This is the public summary of the Formative Evaluation Report of the eBRIDGE pilot schemes. It describes the development process of an evaluation methodology for the schemes. This methodology was developed in close collaboration with the site managers of the schemes involved, and it helps assess progress during the lifetime of project eBRIDGE. It also presents initial findings of project assessment and describes the next steps for the evaluation framework".

eBRIDGE Demonstration Results – Factsheets on Barriers and Potentials of Electric Fleets

After 18 months into the project, the eBRIDGE pilots have gathered many interesting results. These factsheets answer concrete questions about electric mobility for private and business trips and show in a very illustrative way the barriers and potentials of electric vehicles in corporate and municipal carpools and car sharing and peer-to-peer car sharing systems.

D4.4 Report Scenario Modelling

This report presents the key finding on CO2 emissions arising from the participating sites Berlin (Germany), Bregenz (Austria), Carmarthen (Wales, UK), Lisbon (Portugal), Milan (Italy), Valencia (Spain) and Vigo (Spain) using electric fleets and car sharing schemes for business and private urban travel. The extensive volume of EVs trial data collected in the project was used to comprehensively characterize the operational urban fleet performances. This analysis is important in the European context, as there is limited (although rapidly growing) recording data of actual EVs usage and charging patterns.

eBRIDGE Country Reports on e-Mobility Fleet Schemes and Market Potentials

The country reports analyse the current situation and trends of electric fleets in the eBRIDGE targeted regions and their case study sites, by assessing information about all context relevant issues such as market overview, best practice, legal framework, policy, and environmental impacts, as well as the market potential of electric mobility, mainly for fleets.